Success Stories

Elaina Christie

Elaina signed with Images in St. Louis.

Alexia Haynes

Alexia walked the runway for Terrence Hurd's annual fashion show.

Eleanor Schmit

Eleanor booked the cover editorial of Salyse magazine and signed with KLA Management.

Emily Rose Grazier

Emily is featured in Kyle Park's music video What The Heaven.

Gabriella Souzima

Gabriella walked in Posche Models & Talent Fashion Reaction fundraiser fashion show for designer Carlos Marrero.

Hailey White

Hailey walked in the opening night of Coastal Fashion Week.

Nayeli Reynoso

Nayeli signed with Modern Muse and Katalyst Talent Agency.

Mikayla Cameron

Mikayla signed with BMG Atlanta.

Maryam Ali

Maryam signed with Katalyst Talent Agency and booked a commercial for Goldstar Chili.

Mia Bradenburg

Mia signed with Images St. Louis.

Victor Amoah

Victor signed with Actor’s Choice Talent Agency.

Avala Faber

Avala signed with Katalyst Talent Agency and walked in a Justice runway show.

Hannah Overfield

Hannah signed with Mavrick Artists Agency and booked a print campaign for Buckle.

Jessica Finn

Jessica signed with Slamm Management.

Isabelle Przybylski

Isabelle signed with Actor’s Choice Talent Agency.

Leena Zaidi

Leena Zaidi signed with SK Models.

Sydney Allard

Sydney was featured in Everything Picture Magazine and walked in Kansas Fashion Week.

Zoe Fischer

Zoe signed with Modern Muse and Katalyst Talent Agency.

Amanda Martinoli

Amanda signed with Click Models Atlanta and booked bridal photo shoot.

Ariana Nahrang

Ariana signed with WSM Talent and Katalyst Talent Agency.

Xavier Alexander

Xavier signed with Actor’s Choice Talent Agency and Katalyst Talent Agency.

Alyson Podwoisk

Alyson signed with RAW Model Management.

Kenza Tahri

Kenza signed with Glitter Talent.

Madison Willibey

Madison signed with Factor Chosen Chicago/Atlanta/LA.

Noah Wichmann

Noah signed with The Hurd Agency. He was featured in Churchill Downs Magazine.

Janie Garren

Janie signed with G Management.

Reagan Gukhol

Reagan signed with Images Model & Talent and Actor’s Choice Talent Agency.

Madison Whitfield

Madison signed with About Faces and is working with acting coach Tom Logan.

Hannah Nguyen

Hannah signed with FiftyTwo45.

Rhea Batitang

Rhea booked work with GeoLand Films.

Michael Bowen

Michael signed with Modern Muse and The Hurd Agency.

Katelyn Ingram

Katelyn signed with Click Models Atlanta.

Samantha Gargano

Samantha signed with Nelson Management, Senrab Talent Agency, and Katalyst Talent Agency.

Dee Gillingham

Dee signed with Posche Models. She has booked a Toyota Carhartt event with Xquisite Staff.

Jocelyn Testa

Jocelyn signed with Katalyst and 7 Sails Management.

Marcello Clavarino

Marcello signed with Factor and Luber Roklin.

Eliza Masewicz

Eliza signed with Revolution Management and 3D Model Management. Additionally, Eliza won an all-inclusive trip to Cape Town, South Africa to model.

Victoria Roddy

Victoria signed with Dino May Management and attended the New York City Dance Alliance.

Elijah Bowles

Elijah signed with Modern Muse and auditioned for Universal Studios.

Millie McGinnis

Millie booked the Jackie's Boy music video "Mad Love" & Chris Brown's newest video.

Tierra Bonner

Tierra walked in Plano Fashion Week wearing couture designs.

Emily Thon

Emily signed with Images Management.

Jaidyn Bush

Jaidyn signed with Babes N' Beaus Chicago.

Tiffany Zuniga

Tiffany signed with Exxcel Models & Talent.

Madison Heizer

Madison booked a Toyota Carhartt promotion with Xquisite Staff Agency.

Ariana Nahrgang

Ariana signed with Katalyst Talent Agency and WSM Talent in Boston. She also won a $1,000 scholarship toward the Relativity School's Teen Camp.

Leah Graifer

Leah booked a role on Neflix's 7 Hills pilot. She won Miss Plus Top Model International 2018 onboard PTD 2017 and is represented by WSM Talent and Katalyst Talent Agency.

Caitlin Decosmo

Caitlin booked an editorial photo shoot for Girls' Life Magazine. She is signed with BMG Models and Manikin Model & Talent Agency.

Timaya Forman

Timaya was booked as a live action model for visual merchandising company ZenGenius in New Orleans.

Emily Coltus

Emily has booked multiple photo shoots with Girls' Life Magazine.

Destiny Weber

Destiny booked a jewelry photo shoot in Grand Cayman,a Girls’ Life Magazine editorial and a Kate Hewko jewelry campaign.

Erin Graham

Erin walked in New York Fashion Week for the Society Show for designer De Lauraine.

Alyssa Fanning

Alyssa booked a brand ambassador opportunity with Xquisite Staffing Agency and a Toyota/ Carharrt promotion.

Lauren Lich

Lauren walked for Schiaparelli at a fashion show at the Dali Museum. She is signed with Revolution Management and Alexa Models.

David Gilker

David signed with Jaffa Models International in Chicago.

Austin Thomasson

Austin signed with Landrum Arts in Louisiana.

Genevieve Santistevan

Genevieve booked a live model event with ZenGenius in New Orleans.

Adrianna Amaya

Adrianna signed with TalentInk and LB Talent in Los Angeles. She has had numerous auditions for Nickelodeon, Marvel Productions, Netflix series, and more. She also landed a commercial with an insect repellant company and starred in the Buzzfeed video "Reasons I am Thankful for My Sister."

Marisa Hernandez

Marisa signed with Exccel Models & Talent and booked a SpeedZone commercial.

Lexie Bader

Lexie signed with Images NYC and Donna Baldwin Agency.

Victoria Bachemin

Victoria appeared in the Essence Natural Hair Beauty Fashion Show in Louisiana.

Brianna Quintal

Brianna signed with Revolution Management.

Mariah Jackson

Mariah signed with Exxcel Model & Talent. She booked a role in the video series Reality Rehab.

Baiynah Flanagan

Baiynah signed with Exccel Models & Talent and booked a SpeedZone commercial.

Calista Courtney

Calista signed with Wallace Model Management and Sono Models. She has traveled to China to model.

Jamila Burge

Jamila was selected for a Justice girls photo shoot. She is signed with Katalyst.

Demre Besharse

Demre was featured on the cover of South Pageantry Magazine for the October 2016 and April 2017 issues. She was crowned Miss Universal in Mississippi.

Tanisha Oligario

Tanisha booked a hair show with Joico in Atlanta.

Brooke Hager

Brooke signed with Revolution Management and Donna Baldwin Agency.

Domenica Trent

Domenica appeared on the TV show Being Mary Jane.

Antanisha Whitman

Appeared in a video about fitness and nutrition for the president’s council in Nashville.

Molly Morgan

Molly signed with The Rock Agency. She also traveled to the Asian market to model.

Jasmine Nickolson-Edie

Jasmine booked the Baton Rouge publication 225 Magazine.

Dmitri Bender

Dmitri booked a role in a new pilot, Journey. He signed with Manikin Model and Talent Agency.

Madison Spialek

Madison booked an editorial in Gothesque Magazine. She signed with Donna Baldwin Agency.

Lauren Bryant

Lauren walked in the 70th Annual Bronner Brothers Beauty Fashion Hair Show.

Nicole Sluyter

Nicole walked in New Orleans Fashion Week and booked the May issue of New Orleans Living.

Sophia Sluyter

Sophia walked in New Orleans Fashion Week and booked New Orleans Living.

Cherokee Bishop

Cherokee booked a commercial for Walmart. She signed with Manikin Agency.

Olivia Rumishek

Olivia signed with Babes N’ Beaus and BMG Models. She has booked a TV commercial for Kmart.

Amber Jones

Amber signed with BNA Kids in Nashville and About Faces in Atlanta.

Natalia Brzozowski

Natalia signed with Revolution Management & Factor Chicago.

Racheal Knaps

Rachael signed with agencies 7 Sails, Images Model and Talent, and Actors Choice and has played the role of “Shulie” in 30 by Ninety’s production of “School Of Rock”.

Elly Hebert

Elly signed with Actor's Choice Talent and has booked three episodes of NCIS: New Orleans, filmed two movies "The Domestics" and "Temple" and did commercial work for Microsoft.

Cree Roark

Cree booked a speaking role in a new pilot shooting in Louisiana.

Mikaila Westendorf

Mikaila booked a Paul Mitchell hair show, a project for Adidas and an editorial shoot with Girls' Life Magazine.

Morgan Harris

Morgan modeled for PointBlank.-

Adrianna Lattimore

Adrianna booked an appearance on the television series “Being Mary Jane”.

Shaylee Starr

Shaylee booked the cover for American Model & Pageant Magazine. She signed with Manikin Model & Talent Agency.

Madison Martin

Madison signed with Images New York City, Vicki Foley Models and Talent & Benz in Tampa. She travelled to New York City to test with three top New York City photographers and booked The Fashion For Food Fundraiser Fashion Show in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Cassie McCree

Cassie signed with BNA Kid's in Nashville.

Danielle Blagmon

Danielle signed with Manikin Model and Talent Agency and Exxcel Model & Talent, Inc.

Claudia Radzwich

Claudia modeled for Claire's.

Carolyn Karns

Carolyn Karns signed with TalentInk Chicago.

Alexis Haney

Alexis signed with 7 Sails Management and Maverick Agency, was cast as the principal role in the upcoming film production “Which Way”, and is releasing her first single “Far Away.”

Lizzie Lewalski

Lizzie booked Orlando Fashion Week.

Zoe Young

Zoe signed with Manikin Model and Talent Agency.

Karly Coopman

Karly signed with Manikin Model & Talent Agency.

Amanda Schmidt

Amanda booked a fashion show with Front Management in Miami.

Mollie Sanderson

Mollie signed with Revolution Management.

Gladys Omole

Gladys signed with Actor's Choice Talent Agency and has appeared in a TV commercial for Party Time.

Taylor Bryant

Taylor signed with LA Models and Revolution Management.

Jocelyn Sanchez

Jocelyn Sanchez signed with 7 Sails Management , M2M Management, Baez Talent, Mavrick Artists Agency, Plaza 7, and Actor's Choice Talent Agency. She also filmed a music video with 7 Sails and M2M.

Ally Laiche

Ally Laiche walked for Indstyle Awards hair show and was featured in a TV commercial for Southern Stay Outfitters and in the SS18 Ready To Wear fashion show in Dallas modeling Nardos design. She is featured as a commercial model for Shop Knoch. Ally signed with The Campbell Agency.

Giulia Soares

Giulia signed with Vicki Foley Talent & Models.

Mariah Hamrick

Mariah booked hair shows for Joico in Biloxi, MS & L'Anza in Birmingham, AL. She is represented by Exxcel Models & Talent, Manikin Agency & Rare Quality Talent.

Ella Ortenberg

Ella signed with Babes N' Beaus Chicago

Julia Willetts

Julia signed with Revolution Management, Donna Baldwin Agency, Request Models, Click Model NY and Factor Chosen Chicago and MP Management. She was selected as the new face of GLAMSQUAD.

Rebecca Mader

Rebecca booked a Keune True Beauty Campaign

Ashley Dickerson

Ashley won a 90 day all-inclusive contract to work with 3D Model Agency in Cape Town, South Africa. She also signed with Revolution Management.

Amber Ninkaeo

Amber Ninkaeo booked a feature by Girls' Life Magazine.

Destiny Jones

Destiny Jones walked in Macy's "Back-to-School" fashion show at the Mall of Georgia in Atlanta

Natalie Taraldsen

Natalie booked an Aloxxi hair show.

Anne Marie Walsh

Anne Marie booked a back to school fashion segment with WCIU news in Chicago.

Victoria Newlove

Victoria booked a national Sprint campaign and was a title winner at Talent On Parade National Dance Competition. She signed with Revolution Management and Voices and Models.

JoHanna Apple

JoHanna signed with Exxcel Models & Talent and worked with the producer of Spiderman 2 in NYC.

Sarah Patton

Sarah was featured in the Premier Orlando hair show for Keratin, Slay the Runway and Boutique to Runway fashion shows and a Belk TV commercial! Additionally, Sarah booked a photo shoot for Teen Surreal Beauty Magazine.She signed with Exxcel, Rare Qualities, Katalyst, Manikin and JEA Model Management.

Bryanna Spalla

Bryanna signed with Kid's International Talent Agency.

Alexis Savanna

Alexis booked an anti animal cruelty PSA campaign through her LA-based manager and is working with a Grammy Award winning producer & songwriter.

Brenna Osgood

Brenna booked a Comcast Promo with the Lynne Experience.


Tony landed a role on Legally Blonde Jr.

Genesis Daniels

Genesis booked Season 8 of the Real Houswives of Atlanta with Cynthia Bailey and Kim Fields.

Patricia Morgan

Patricia booked a bridal shoot.

Madison Adams

Madison signed with World Top Models & Alexandri Models. She has been featured in Savoy Magazine, Japan's largest magazine and has modeled in Tokyo and China.

Jayln Gunn

Jayln signed with ‪‎The Hurd Agency‬ and booked an episode of Justice By Any Means.

Olivia Morales

Olivia booked a Nashville hair show for Joico.

Kahla Sweeney

Kahla is featured on the cover of the June 2016 issue of Consumer Magazine in New York.

Erika Taylor

Erika signed with Exxcel Models & Talent and modeled for Alternative Fashion's Ocean Collection.

Autumn Treme

Autumn booked a feature in local Louisiana magazine Acadiana Profile.

Brooke McCain

Brooke signed with Exxcel Model & Talent.

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne has worked as a background actor in t.v. shows including Gotham, Law and Order SVU and The Preppie Connection, booked a feature in an "I love NY" TV commercial and was featured in a Teen Dating Violence Awareness PSA for the NYS Office of the Prevention of Domestic Violence. She signed with Funny Face Today FFT New York, NY.

Emma L.

Emma signed with Revolution Management.

Allison Baker

Allison signed with HRI Talent.

Michaela McCollum

Michaela walked in the Little Rock, "Beautiful You Fashion Tour" runway show and booked a role in the feature film "God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness."

Jeannette Faye

Jeannette signed with Step Forward Entertainment and Landrum Arts LA. She booked a few short films and joined SAG in working with the film project The Circle. She has also been featured in an episode of Blue Bloods.

Shania McAmis

Shania booked a job as a dancer in an upcoming Jojo Music Video (to release in June). She also will be featured on a hit upcoming dance-related TV show.

Sydney Kennedy

Sydney signed with DMG and Katalyst. She walked the runway for a hair show in Dallas with Label M and booked a commercial for the Axcess Group.

Ryver Clark

Ryver signed with Talent Ink in New York.

Porcalyn Pickett

Porcalyn recently signed with the Hurd Agency.

Bryan Holland

Bryan signed with Massei Management.

Shade Smith

Shade signed with 7 Sails Management and Katalyst Talent Agency.

Donna Wegert

Donna signed with Mavrick Artists Agency and booked a photo shoot with Girls' Life Magazine.

Charleen Baleda

Charleen signed with the Hurd Agency.

Alexis Hill

Alexis booked the lead role in an upcoming episode of the Knoxville, TN crime re-enactment show Justice By Any Means.

Elizabeth Fischer

Elizabeth booked a shoot for a bridal editorial and the Orlando Surf Expo.

Emily Foss

Emily signed with Les Fleurs Management NYC and has done several test shoots.

Kianna Robinson

Kianna booked a HONDA commercial through Vicki Foley Model & Talent Agency.

Julia Jones

Julia signed with Images Model and Talent & Actor's Choice in her local market of Louisiana as well as 7 Sails in LA.

Camren Klenke

Camren booked an NFL Super Bowl commercial and will be traveling to New York City and San Francisco for filming.

Sanne Anthony

Sanne signed with K Starr Management & Ford Chicago. She is also the new face of Canadian swimwear line Honubelle and has modeled for Akira and Samantha Sleeper Bridal.

Alyssa Smith

Alyssa signed with the Hurd Agency and booked a music video with Jack White.

Melanie Jaijairam

Melanie signed with Posche Models.

Grace Reed

Grace signed with the Hurd Agency.

Beth Verheyden

Beth signed with Jago Ciro Entertainment in New York City.


Nathaly signed with The Hurd Agency.

Angelina Williamson

Angelina was booked by The Other West Coast Motion Media Productions to be featured in a supporting role in an upcoming film.

Peter Kashapata

Peter moved to LA and signed with Dino May Management.

Grant Sims

Grant booked a role in the film Hurricane Bianca and booked a role in a TV commercial for a Christian youth camp.

Pesi Sikyala

Pesi signed with Images NY. She has booked a campaign for FILA USA and was featured in Downtown Magazine NYC.

Talia Halliday

Talia signed with Donahue Models. She has worked with Boston Caribbean Fashion Week, Alzerina Gomes, The Metropolis of Boston Philoptucus, Restored by Design, Wearable Art by Rimma, Zarusa, Enamour, Kavalenka, and Lanzi Furs.

Porsha Delatte

Porsha for booked a role on the Sundance Channel series Hap and Leonard and a cover photo shoot for 337 Magazine.

Brianna Shaffer

Brianna made an appearance on the ABC TV show Nashville.

Maria Tynes

Maria signed with JEA Model Management.

Katie Belle Akin

Katie won the national title of 2016 Miss Teen US Nation. She is also a musician and released an original single "Georgia Moon." She was nominated for the International Music & Entertainment Association Awards "Country Female Artist of the Yea." She also booked a Back to School event at Macy's in Atlanta and commercial photo shoot for Fab'rik.

Alley Tyndall

Alley was cast in Half Way Home, a theatrical film from The Other West Coast Media.

Erika Lytle

Erika booked a fashion runway show for Teen Vogue.

Alicia Towsend

Alicia was cast in the Punta Gora commercial series Nice To Visit, Great To Stay.

Julia Boucher

Julia signed with Model Club, Inc. and booked a Hasbro gaming commercial.

Tom Soliz

Tom signed with Mavrick Artists Agency in Los Angeles

Alyson Coyle

Alyson received a scholarship to attend the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.

Lauryn White

Lauryn was featured in the thriller movie Sh-h-h.

Maya Reddrick

Maya booked a photo shoot for a Famous Dave's restaurant advertisement.

Eva Cavecchi

Eva signed with LA Models, 2Morrow Models, and Revolution Management. She has booked several editorials, look books and catalogues in Milan, Italy.

Katherine Brumund

Katherine signed with Flash Milano and is traveling to Italy.

Kyla Coaxum

Kyla was in a national TV commercial for Walmart and a national TV Commercial for Honda. She is signed with TalentINK. LA-CHICAGO-NY.

Tayler Timmons

Tayler signed with Calliope Talent and Management.

Isaac Greene

Isaac signed with Runway Models & Talent in Des Moines. He will be relocating to New York City to work with Discover Management.

Marlo Vernon

Marlo signed with Click Models in New York City, Donna Baldwin Agency and Revolution Management.

Cecile Manns

Cecile signed with Calliope Talent, Model & Artist Management in San Antonio, TX, Ariza Talent & Modeling Agency Inc. Orlando FL and she is working with Step Forward Entertainment, NYC.

Haley Heckman

Haley signed with Exxcel Model & Talent, Inc. and has a mother agency P-Models, Inc.

Ilka Mejia

Ilka signed with 2morrow Model Management and is working as a model in the Ralph Lauren show room in Milan.

Drew Brueske

Drew signed with APEX Talent and Clear Talent Group out of Los Angeles and booked a voiceover role in the animated film "Son of Big Foot."

Sierra Chasin

Sierra was booked through Exxcel New York for a role in the film Madam Secretary.

Sierra Jernigan

Sierra has worked on the short films The Fourth Question, Weight of a Prayer and the music video for The Fire Inside of Me. She also booked a role on the film Angels Within which opened in LA, NY and DC. She is the current reigning Miss Teen Tennessee United States and is signed with CCL Talent Agency.

Haley Laughlin

Haley signed with Model Management Group New York and is a top finalist in the "Face of the Globe 2016" pageant.

Lauren Mitchell

Lauren signed with Step Forward and plans on relocating to LA this summer.

Sarah Reed

Sarah has done numerous bridal and wedding photo shoots for print magazines with Ting Photography. She is also a hair model for PR & Partners and a Fashion print/catalog model for the Social Butterfly. Sarah was named Miss Dominion 2016 and is a titleholder in the Miss Virginia America program.

Aspen Farnes

Aspen signed with Product Model Management NYC and Ann Wright Associates.

Sarah Schupska

Sarah signed with The Hurd Agency, and walked for the agency in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lu Lu

Lu is signed with BMG Model and Talent.

Bryanna Gartman

Bryanna signed with Actors Choice Talent Agency.

Chelsea Trainor

Chelsea signed with Actors Choice Talent Agency.

Makiah Alexander

Makiah signed with Actors Choice Talent Agency. She has walked in L.A Fashion Week, was featured in the feature film Daddy's Home, and has been invited to walk in NYC Fashion Week.

Chris Sannino

Chris received a $20,000 scholarship to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Christina Valdez

Christina signed with Ariza Talent and Modeling Agency.

Armani Bernal

Armani signed with Actors Choice Talent Agency.

Julie Kida

Julie signed with Step Forward Entertainment.

Wande Isola

Wande signed with Wilhelmina Brown Austin and has sent a demo to Atlantic Records.

Lauryn Atkins

Lauryn signed with Images Model & Talent Agency and Actors Choice Talent Agency.

Shanice Coke

Shanice signed with AKA Talent Agency and is relocating to Los Angeles. She has also booked and completed a photo shoot for Girls Life Magazine.

Kim Davis

Kim is relocating to Los Angeles and has signed with Stein Entertainment Group and Landrum Arts LA Talent Agency.

Keisha Davis

Keisha is a Passport to Discovery Division 8 - Division Winner. She is relocating to Los Angeles and has signed with Stein Entertainment Group and Landrum Arts LA Talent Agency.

Elizabeth Hill

Elizabeth signed with Excell Model and Talent and Landrum Arts Talent Agency.

Nattalia Ortiz

Nattalia signed with Benz Model and Talent Agency. She is also participating in a summer work shop with the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Lauren Owens

Lauren signed with BMG Model and Talent in Orlando, FL.

Anna Eastly

Anna signed with BMG Model and Talent in Orlando, FL and was cast in a commercial for Strand Bands.

Holly Monroe

Holly signed with Ariza Talent and Modeling Agency.

Ashlyn Hill

Ashlyn signed with Benz Model and Talent Agency. She has been cast in 2 commercials on Tampa Bay Community Network for Joel Wynkoop Acting Class and will be featured in a short film "The Neighboring".

Nina Hill

Nina signed with Ariza.

Megan Whitehead

Megan signed with Posche Models

Rachel Schmidt

Rachel signed with Karen Greer Model and Talent Agency.

Cassidy Fazio

Cassidy is signed with Exxcel Model and Talent

Vy Tran

Vy signed with BMG Model and Talent in Orlando, FL and was cast in a commercial for Strand Bands and an infomercial for Play Face Pals.

Christopher German

Signed w/ Lisa Fuller of ACTOR'S CHOICE TALENT AGENCY.

Michael Dart

Signed w/ Lisa Fuller of ACTOR'S CHOICE TALENT AGENCY.

Janna Grove

Janna relocated to Los Angeles and signed with Midwest Talent Management and The Brogan Agency.

Bailey Toy

Bailey booked the cover of "Simply The Best" magazine, walked in the Univision Swim Week show and booked a Bed Head hair products campaign. She signed with Next Miami, Next Models LA and Seattle Models Guild.

Alexandra Artiles

Alexandra is signed with Karen Greer Models in Miami, FL.

Alana Ralson

Alana was featured in "Petite Magnifique" Magazine. and has been in several fashion shows. She is represented by Switzer talent in Oklahoma.

Daija Bickham

Daija booked a role on the TV series "Salem". She is signed with Actor's Choice Talent Agency.

Daysia Gleason

Daysia signed with Landrum Arts. She has also launched her own fashion line, Daysia's Daysies.

Danae Muratore

Danae booked print/TV ads for Rockefeller Center, Remington, HTC and Style Code Live and has been seen in Resource Magazine. She is represented by Revolution Management.

Elena Senica

Elena booked a Teen Smoking Prevention campaign in Virginia.

Trinity Meyer

Trinity booked the Joe Boxer spring / summer 2014 campaign for Kmart retails stores. She is signed with BMG Models in Orlando.

Amanda Fredette

Amanda signed with Model Club Inc and worked on the HBO mini-series "Olive Kitteridge" produced by Tom Hanks.

Maria Howell-Arza

Maria booked the Buffalo Fashion Show and won a scholarship to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Lizzie Sider

Lizzie is a South Florida based country music singer / songwriter who has played at numerous events and venues across the country. She was featured on the talkshow Daytime and has launched a Bully Prevention School Tour to bring awareness and support to elementary and middle school students.

Kayla Brasse

Kayla signed with Actor’s Choice Talent Agency in Denham Springs, LA and booked a role in the film "Midnight Special" starring Kirsten Dunst and Adam Driver.

Danina Higgins

Danina signed with 7 Sails Management based in Los Angeles.

Alexi Farnes

Alexi signed with AMS model and Talent and last December booked an Elf Christmas Light commercial.

Aaron Belanger

Aaron is signed with Exxcel Model and Talent and has booked a pharmaceutical ad.

Ashanee Bolton

Ashanee Bolton booked an editorial shoot with Girls' Life magazine.

Daria Straughn

Daria signed with BMG Model and Talent in Orlando, FL.

Wes Bayer

Wes landed the lead role in the music video "Girl In A Country Song" by country duo Maddie & Tae. He signed withChosen Model Management in Chicago.

Sara Muela

Sara has booked modeling jobs in Tokyo. She is signed with World Top.

Melanie Garza

Melanie relocated to Los Angeles after finishing school to pursue her dreams of acting and has booked a commercial for the video game Rocksmith. She is signed with Hertzberg Management and Hollander Talent Group.

Serena Bennette

Serena booked a supporting role in the film "Nice to Visit, Great to Stay" by The Other West Coast Productions.

John Elvis

John booked a TV mini series for Texas Rising.

Sarah Cate Stakely

Sarah Cate booked an editorial shoot for "Simply Buckhead" and is the face of "Summer Trends" by Cultured Blog. She is signed with Major Models New York, NEXT Miami and KStarr Management.

Eleanor Provosty

Eleanor has had multiple photo shoots after signing with Click Model Management Atlanta. She also walked in Pensacola Fashion Week and was featured in Garden and Gun Magazine for Visit Pensacola.

Zac Goodman

Zac was featured in an ad campaign for Italian brand ALCOTT and booked the Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show in NYC. He signed with ADAM Models in NYC, Milano agency D'men, Wilhelmina Miami and SCOOP in Copenhagen.

Courtney Cannan

Courtney is the face of KHKMY Fashion and walked their Napa Valley fashion show. She also did a photo shoot for Altaf Maaneshia's Fall/Winter '14 campaign among many other editorial spreads. She is signed with The Envy Agency in Los Angeles.

Joshua Brockington

Joshua landed the role of the young Warren G. in the Universal movie Straight Out Of Compton.

Joshua Windley

Joshua booked a Fisher Price/Bubble Guppies commercial and a Nick Jr. Zach & Quack commercial. He is signed with Global Management 101.

Chloe Smith

Chloe walked the runway in the Chattanooga Fashion Week Children's show wearing the Atlanta designer Issa Sorogo and in Knoxville Fashion Week for DELIA'S.

Kali Gaertner

Kali booked a Little Big Town country music video.

Kate Hoose

Kate traveled to Cape Town, South Africa as a VIP extra in a movie called 'Last Face' directed by Sean Penn, starring Javier Bardem & Charlize Theron!

Mariah Harrison

Mariah walked the runway in DC Fashion Week, booked a runway show and photo shoots for the clothing boutique, Moxi, and walked for a few designers in the ACHI Magazine National Designer event. She is signed with Splash Model Management in Virginia Beach.

Elissa Bergmeier

Elissa Bergmeier traveled to Los Angeles where she met with her now manager Landis-Simon Production and Talent Management.

Jamie Jones

Jamie signed with AKA Talent out of Los Angeles.

Cati Vandevort

Cati was featured in a full page Boscov's ad that ran in Seventeen Magazine. She is represented by Click Model Management in New York.

Dominic Wergeland

Dominic has appeared in numerous TV shows including: A Crime To Remember, The Black List, Amish Horror Story, Gotham, The Affair, Forever, Blue Bloods and many more.

Jayla Moore

Signed with L & M Modeling and Talent and Slamm Model Management.Has participated in numerous fashions shows, such as the Richmond Bridal Magazine.

Taylor Blick

Signed with MSA Models and was immediately brought in for photo shoots.

Nicholas Bonomi

Signed exclusively in the L.A. Market with HRI Talent and is also working with Model Club of Boston.Has strong film interest from Landrum Films in Louisiana.

Danielle Haskell

Danielle was recently featured in a reader's article regarding bullying and is signed with Model Club of Boston. She is also doing print work for a bridal magazine, released the song "Always With You," and was featured in Indie Music Magazine.

Michaela Bean-Snow

Michaela is represented by Model Club of Boston and Excell Model and Talent and will be walking Boston Fashion Week

Amanda Fredette

Amanda has signed with Excell Model and Talentand Boston Model Club. She has been featured in Bostonian Magazine.

Erin Glancey

Erin has signed with Image Models and Talent, The Marsha Doll Agency and the Hurd Agency. She is pursuing a career in musical theatre.

Rodney Richards, Jr.

Rodney has booked an episode of the hit HBO series "Veep," and is working on a football documentary film. He is also planning to begin work with SLAMM Model Management.

Austin Riley

Austin has signed with L&M Modeling and Talent, Drake Book Agency, Donna McKenna Casting and the Lisa Robinson Agency.

Kayla Caufield

Kayla has appeared in numerous fashion shows through the Drake Book Agency, walked in NJ Fashion Week and was featured in print work for American Girl.


Anais signed with Global Management 101.

Hannah Onek

Hannah signed with Emerge Talent

Gabriella Domenick

Gabriella signed with BMG and Posche Models

Alexandra Artiles

Alexandra signed with Richard Francis Management, Karen Greer Models and CFT Talent

Sarah Deike

Sarah signed with Les Fleurs and 3D Models

Joshua Brockington

Joshua signed with Snow Entertainment

Trey Gloeckler

Trey signed with Global Management 101

Jessica Witkowski

Jessica signed with Wilhelmina New York. She has been featured on Vogue Italia website, walked the runway in New York Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week. She is represented by Fenton Models and Factor Chosen LA.

Patrick Donovan

Patrick signed with Snow Entertainment and has booked the HBO series "Veep" and the Investigation Discovery series "Evil Twins."

Shannon McCarthy

Shannon signed with Bellissima Models and modeled in Bangkok.

Jenna Beeton

Jenna Beeton has appeared in campaigns for Smashbox. Jenna is signed with Photogenics, LA.

Lauren Reeder

Lauren Reeder has been modeling in the Asia markets. She is signed with Bellissima International and G Management.

Danielle Veenstra

Danielle has appeared on the cover of Avenue L Magazine and Elle Girl Magazine, and in an Aldo Shoe campaign, all before the age of 16.

Jamal Hunt

Jamal landed a campaign to end bullying with Silverthorn Films.

Mackenzie Werts

Mackenzie signed with K Starr Management and modeled for a national campaign with Target Stores.

Sydney Taylor

Sydney has been modeling in national campaigns for Boscov's Department Stores.

Josh Pafchek

Josh recently signed with Dino May Management. Dino May Management represents actors who are working in feature films, music, print & television. Dino May represents fellow Barbizon alumn Sean Faris, who starred as Ben in CWTV hit show The Vampire Diaries.

Robin Huntsberry

Robin received the accomplished title of Miss Plus Top Model International and appeared on the cover of Miss Top Model International Magazine.

Breanne Irons

Breanne Irons is signed with L&M Modeling and Talent Agency and recently completed a shoot for Redken hair products. She also appeared on the local Baltimore show Teen Scene.

Morgan Irons

Morgan Irons signed with L&M Modeling and completed an editorial shoot for Redken and Bella Salon and Spa. She is also currently shooting the movie To Have and To Hold with FHG Talent Group as her agency.